Saturday, May 5, 2007

Off To The Races…

Arrived in Boston, well actually I am couch surfing in Cambridge. Could not be more excited to get going. Unfortunately the Cambridge BioBus and Human Genome Trail tour has been canceled. Disappointed about that but what can you do. Instead I will get registered and already have my first meeting slated for Sunday afternoon. If the timing works out I will try and do the Human Genome Trail myself, from Harvard Square to Central Square to Kendall Square. Ping me with an SMS @ 303.902.4413 if you are interested in joining me on this self guided tour Sunday afternoon.

While in town I plan to follow an IP trail from Colorado to Archemix. If you work there or have any contacts there may I trouble you for an intro? Thank you much! More on that later. Pushing 2:00am, need some shut-eye…

BioVoice: Blogging From Bean Town

I'm excited to be attending BIO2007 in Boston where I'll be participating as a blogger on-site via BioVoice. It'll be fun to see an up-to-the-minute review of some of the sites and sounds at the largest gathering of biotech professionals in the world with over 20,000 attendees, 1,900 exhibitors, 60 pavilions, 60 countries represented and 300 public officials. I'm looking forward to working with Jennifer and Adam in bringing another perspective on the event.

I'm also looking forward to meeting up with people I can only see at this event. No word, though, on whether or not I'll get to meet Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan when she delivers Tuesday's keynote address. If you have anything you'd like to bring attention to, track me down at the convention and let me know. Feel free to talk up your own exhibit or product, even if it's biotech fashion wear. While I'm not as techno-savvy as Adam and I don't know Twitter from -- well, Adam -- I will be connected by email on-site so feel free to shoot me a note on where to meet.

If you're heading to the show, let me know you're attending and we'll make time to meet on the Exhibitors floor over a cup o' joe. You can get my contact information through Patent Baristas or through MyBio, the on-line event planner for BIO2007. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in Bean Town.