Monday, May 7, 2007

BIO2007 Exhibits in Full Swing

The BIO2007 Conference Exhibitor Hall has been jam-packed with events. With 1,900 exhibitors, 60 pavilions and 60 countries available to stop by and visit, it's difficult to meet with all those you want and to spend enough time visiting.

For readers of BioVoice, I'm passing on some insider information. The best chocolate can be found at the Switzerland pavilion. The best theme-based, game playing is the mini-curling at Saskatchewan. Best new trinket is at novo nordisk, offering some slick, colorful pedometers. Ireland even had a visit from Bono -- although my pictures are blurry*.

And forget about all the iPod give-aways. The best raffle prize is at the Scientist Magazine, which is offering a chance for a cool red Vespa. They're also handing out the premier issue of Biotech360, a quarterly magazine for leaders in the biotech industry, which asks the question "Can Biotech Save the Developing World?" A question for all of us, indeed.

(*Note: I'm just having some fun. I think it was just someone that looked like Bono. Of the two gentlemen at the Ireland booth, one believed it was Bono, the other thought it was a look-a-like. I can't offer any proof either way but somehow I image he would be followed around by cameras.)

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kneemail said...

I for one was slow to read my email and was unaware of what's happening to the bees. The GM food looks good at first but with careful thought and reflection it seems to have the capability of altering nature in a diabolical way. Is this an emergency? Do we even care anymore? "Where's the protestors?" I think we're sidetracked with sensory overload