Monday, May 7, 2007

Well, I Don't Get to Meet the Queen

After registering at the BIO2007 conference, I found out that I won't get to meet with Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan after all. Queen Noor has requested that no members of the media attend her keynote address tomorrow. She is an avid activist regarding issues of world peace and justice and will be giving a speech entitled "Biotechnology and Its Impact on Global Health." I would love to hear it.


It turns out that I don't get to see Michael J. Fox, either. After waiting in a massive crush of humanity to get into the ballroom, I made it to within about two dozen people when the hall was full. Looks like I'll be watching on video in the press room.


Biotechnologist2020 said...

Its really pity Stephen.Wonder why they donot allow media persons?!!!

Doug Schulz said...

It is Her Majesty's standing policy not to allow the press into her public speaking appearances.